This is my mum, Elizabeth. She was a nurse, midwife and health visitor and she was a daughter, sister, wife and mother. She experienced a great deal in the 68 years before her diagnosis, some of it wonderful and some of it not so wonderful. She lived and worked in  Kenya for 8 years in the 1950's, working in the African hospital.

Mum believed that a sense of humour was vital and her passion was for writing.

Mum died of Alzheimer's disease in 2011.

My Family

This is my brother Michael. This faded image is the last photo of him, which was taken in the summer of 1978. He died a few months later, six weeks after being diagnosed with a heart condition, on Christmas Morning at 4am.

He was 17 years old.

Had he lived, he could have had a heart and lung transplant which was, at that time in it's initial stages. 

He was going to be a classical guitarist.

Our children are now 25 and 28. Lizzy is passionate about art and a talented actor who was the first person in the UK to play a character with autism for the BBC in "Dusbin Baby" (2008) Emily is a passionate performer, excellent mimic and loves clothes, music and animals. Emily was diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities at 3 years old, epilepsy at 10 and Lizzy with Asperger's syndrome at 11.