Episode 3. MP for Birmingham Yardley Jess Phillips and SKY Broadcaster Kay Burley.

Episode 7.​ Actor, writer and presenter, Sally Phillips​

Episode 2. BBC 2 Broadcaster Jo Whiley and Edel Harris, CEO of Mencap. 

Episode 10. Comedian, author, playwright, screen writer, documentary film maker, David Baddiel.

Episode 1. Alan Gardner from C4 "The Autistic Gardener", GP Dr Samara Afzal and Jolanta Lasota CEO of Ambitious About Autism.

Episode 9. BBC Radio Shropshire Presenter JIM Hawkins and writer Gail Renard.

Episode 4 Actor Paul Chahidi and Matt Hood from Equity.

Episode 6. Colin, domiciliary support worker & service manager. 

Episode 5. CEO of Home Care provder, Avenues Group PLC-  Jo Land

Episode 8. Comedian Geoff Norcott.

It's a scary time currently. As the global pandemic spreads we're all doing what we can to manage. The other pandemic is anxiety, so I wanted to create some free content which is useful for carers and non carers too. 

So many people are looking to help their friends family and neighbours now. Organising to look after others who they know and who they don't and taking care of one another.

I'm going to be speaking to experts by experience and experts by profession about all the various ways that we're all to a greater or lesser extent, carers now.